·Ceramic wine bottles (key products)
·Road brick
·Split brick
·Vacuum brick
·Argil floor tile
·Argil split brick

Wuxi Yuanzhou Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in the pottery capital of Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou City Center, and mainly produces ceramic wine bottles.

Dingzhen Town has been famous for its pottery since ancient times. The history of pottery has lasted for a thousand years. At present, it has formed an industrialization. The role of Zisha pottery has been recognized by the wine industry and has become a popular trend.

Yuanzhou Ceramics, with advanced roller kiln production equipment, strong design capabilities, relying on Yixing's profound cultural heritage, new shapes, new decorations, new raw materials, new processes emerge one after another. Strict dynamic management means that the product does not leak and the bottle mouth is unified, which is the fundamental guarantee for large-scale production. The product selection is reasonable, the shape is beautiful, and the delivery is timely. Always welcome your patronage.

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